Are You TechCapable?

It can mean different things in each career path. But as every business becomes more and more tech-focused, a strong knowledge in coding, development, computer science or networking can be a real advantage in the job market.

computer technology courses and degrees onlineThis site is designed for people who are looking to take a first step toward learning advanced IT and programing skills, and to help them figure out what type of learning they’ll most benefit from.

Wide Range of Career Options

Technology offers an array of career options so broad that it can be downright confusing. It’s typical as you consider this field to have a hard time choosing whether to study “back end” or “front end” web development, software development or WordPress theme development, to name just a few.

Before you dive in, you’ll want to spend some time figuring out what kind of school can help you, and, most importantly, what kind of technology work you will actually enjoy doing the most.

If you have a basic understanding of computers – if you’ve used them at work, played video games on them at home and perhaps even have some experience with HTML, WordPress or other entry level tech coding & management – a degree or certificate program can help provide a first step toward becoming more of a full time technology professional.

Which Coding Language to Learn?

women learning software developmentProbably the toughest thing is choosing a direction. Tech engineering students often struggle to figure out whether php, Ruby, C or Javascript is the best language for them to learn, and whether React or Angular is a better framework to gain expertise in.

A lot of tech “geeks” will tell you that it doesn’t really matter which path you start out in. Once you learn any single coding language, they say, you’ll find it’s much easier to learn others. But learning a single language won’t necessarily give you entrée into the tech job market. It can be hard to get that first tech job if you don’t have a broad based understanding of coding, databases, troubleshooting and styling, and that may require you to spend some time in school.

If you want to pursue a computer science degree at a college or attend one of the many coding schools that have sprung up, it pays to do your homework by learning as much as you can about the very diverse field of technology.