Trump Goes Yuge On Cybersecurity

After an election where charges flew that foreign powers used cyber-tactics to try and help him get elected, Donald Trump is apparently focused on shoring up America’s cybersecurity. Mr. Trump’s four-part cybersecurity plan calls for a full security audit of all federal government computer systems, mainly to protect the U.S. …

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Can Girls Become Coders?

There’s been lots of talk about boosting the number of women in technology over the past few decades. But it looks like the U.S. technology workplace is actually getting less diverse when it comes to gender. In 1984 almost 40% of all computer science majors in the country were women. …

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Tech Women: Pretend to Be Men!

A fairly weird op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by venture capitalist and UC Santa Barbara professor John Greathouse has provoked a lot of understandable anger from women. Looking at a landscape where less than 20% of venture capital (VC) firms have women as founders and just 7% of …

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