Does Software Development Work For You?

A software developer degree might be your best option if you want to focus in on building the code structure behind applications, games and other products that have become incredibly popular in recent years. Software developers write apps that handle calendaring, appointments, weather, social media and a huge range of other functions that we all handle today through the simple press of a button.

So Many Apps

The application world is always changing. So called “native” apps designed only for an iPhone or Android device appear to be losing ground now to more web-based apps. At the same time, the massive growth in the “internet of things” creates a whole new series of opportunities to design new software that allows you to control the heat in your home, record TV shows or even talk to people who come to your front door even while you’re far from away your home. Software developers also work in the massive gaming industry.

Software development degrees can be offered as a general program or a more specialized course of study in an area like network administration, health informatics or data management, to name a few. Courses you’ll likely to take for this type of degree will include software testing, C# programming, website development, linux administration and bug testing.

Job Outcomes

A software developer degree can help put you into a position where you’ll truly spend your entire day coding, or it can prepare you to work in a more sales or client service role where you will spend more time outlining business and technical plans with clients. To be a coder, you need to be able to concentrate on a screen for long periods of time. If you’re going to work more as a software consultant, business and communication skills will be more important.

As you develop skills in programming, it’s important to write as many original apps as you can, even if they’re limited in scope. Post your code on GitHub – it’s an important venue where job recruiters look when they are considering a hire.

Overall job growth has been good in the software programming area for some time. It should continue to be a category the offers new and changing types of opportunities for tech specialists.

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