Woops: Most Grads Would Change Their College Choices If The Could

college grads regret choicesA Gallup poll recently found that 51% of all adults would change the field of study they chose in college, the degree type or the actual school they went to if they could. That result, gleaned from interviews with almost 90,000 Americans from age 18 to 65, shows how tough it is to make the right college choices without the benefit of career experience.

A large percentage of those who said they would change their field of study seem to feel that way because of they have low career earnings. But for others the biggest challenge has been that their career field has changed rapidly since they finished college, making their degree less useful. A third key consideration: grads who had piled up more than $75,000. in college debt were the most likely to wish they had made different choices about their college education.

Here, a look at how grads feel about their choices, mapped against how much college debt they have:

Read more about the study here.

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